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English Teacher Part-Time in Moscow, Serebryanyi Bor Ref. PTMPER002

Native English teacher is needed for а Boy 6 living in Serebryanyi Bor. You will teach him English in interactive way through activities and games, focus on speaking and comprehension skills, teach him reading and writing as well as accompany him to his sports activities (with the driver) and take him out for walks. The boy started learning English in a kindergarten. Next year he will go to a Russian school. We are looking for a native English speaker with teaching qualifications and experience of work with children. Schedule 3 days a week for 3-4 hours a day, morning hours approx. from 10/11 till 14.00. The salary is from 60 USD per hour. Transport provided from metro Polezhaevskaya.



Your responsibilities are aimed at the development of English language skills in interactive manner.

• Develop speaking and comprehension skills

• Teach reading, writing and grammar

• Learn through play

• Accompany to sports activities (with the driver)

• Take him out for walks



• Working 3 days a week for 3-4 hours a day

• Morning hours approx. from 10/11 till 14.00

• The salary is from 60 USD per hour

• Location: Serebryanyi bor

• Transport provided from metro Polezhaevskaya



• Native English Speaker

• Teaching qualifications

• Experience of work with children

• Good contactable references

• Amiable, trustworthy and reliable personality

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